All your dreams can come true

if you have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney


“The Dreaming Pool” by Open Fantasia

Open Fantasia is a community of people who work together to create visual music – music combined with animation. The artistic universe first visited in Walt Disney’s 1940 movie Fantasia is still largely unexplored. Fantasia still stands as the unrivaled pinnacle of visual music, and its sister film, Fantasia 2000 (released 60 years later) is one of very few worthy successors.

Open Fantasia provides a context where anyone who ever dreamed of following in Walt’s footsteps can meet others and create magical, beautiful things together. Contribute a little or contribute a lot, but do feel free to help. What was impossible alone is possible together.

Open Fantasia begins where Walt and his friends left off. This website is the home of Open Fantasia, and will serve as:

  • a hub, where we can meet and talk
  • a studio, where we can create magical things together
  • a gallery, to show the world what we’ve done
  • a marketplace, to sell our creations and services

Together we will create amazing, spectacular, magical movies that even Walt could only dream about.


Examples from the Pioneers

“The Nutcracker Suite” from Fantasia (© Disney)

“Pipe Dreams” from Animusic 1 DVD (© Animusic LLC)